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The Email Diaries

Customer retention and how to keep your email recipients as “actives”.

If you don ‘t run a daily deals site or a newsletter that offers daily or weekly emails. Trying to keep your engaged users “active” might prove to be a challenge, so what can you do? One word: INCENTIVE 
Below is an example of an “incentive.” While the subject line isn’ t misleading, it ‘s defiantly hard to resist not opening it. Inside, I was surprised to find a purchase incentive disguised as credit for bad service. Huh? I don’ t remember any bad service, but ok.  While most consumers wouldn ‘t think twice, I must commend this advertiser BRAVO!!! They’ re using good old psychology to appeal to their consumers by expressing fault, appreciation and empathy. The

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Find out what your customers want

Customers can’t always tell you what they want, but they can always tell you what’s wrong. Do you know what your customers are trying to tell you?


Are you an Advertiser?

You have a great product and you’re looking to market it via email? Lets talk. You own a website or newsletters, but you’re looking for a way to monetize on your current subscribers, contact us.

eMail Consultation

Do you know if you’re really maximizing your ROI? Do you know if you’re managing your email brand in a positive way? We can review your current email practices and provide you with ways to easily improve your brands transparency, while increasing ROI and develop your brands awareness.

eMail Strategy Development

If you’re an advertiser and have already experienced success with display or eCommerce  but have no idea how to tap into the infinite revenue stream of email marketing, then what are you waiting for? Based on your objectives, we can custom tailor an email marketing strategy that will maximize your brand responsiveness, while building a solid email reputation.

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  • We had Gabby consult for inSparq on email delivery and she was incredibly helpful. She's fast, smart and knows the industry better than anyone. We would hire her again in a second!

    Veronika Sonsev, CEO & Founder, inSparq.com

  • Gabby has an excellent understanding of email marketing process and systems which enable her to achieve above average results consistently. She stays current with the latest technologies and their best implementations for maximum efficiency. Her extensive contact list enables her to match the best solutions for the best price. She is a professional that takes the time to make sure things are done properly and to specification. She is highly recommended

    Bruce Bortle, AffNet

  • Simply put - Gabby is amazing. She is a master at what she does - email and knows it cold - one of the best I've seen, she is hard working and honest, straight forward and a great person overall. I would work with her again in a second and recommend her (as i already do) to everyone in sight

    Richie Hecker, Value Creator: Tech entrepreneur and special situation investor