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About Me

name : gabriella-m rapone

lives: somewhere in Canada, but nowhere near an igloo or fresh oysters.

work: I was introduced to email at the tail end of “the boom” circa 2006 where I unknowingly, ventured happily into my chosen field of marketing. A “maverick” by nature, I’ve always been a quick study and my natural competitive nature has always lead me to continually find ways to gain more knowledge and insight with advancing technologies.

As an appointed “ace” I take pride in the work I do for all my clients, their success is a culmination of my tenacity, hard work and dedication. However, no success comes without failure, and it’s those failures that continue to drive me to seek new ways to market online.

education: I wasn’t lucky enough to know what I wanted at 17 and since I had so many interests, I decided the most logical thing therefore, I enrolled in theater. However after two years, I realized that I needed more control over my life and decided to complete my college degree,  and channel my curiosity for human behavior through marketing. Yet, my lack of economic perquisites hindered me from enrolling in my first semester of University yet, 4 years latter I happily graduated with a degree in economics. In hind-sight, I’m grateful I decided to complete my degree in economics and not marketing. The knowledge I gained through the study of econometrics, has help me gain more insight and understanding of how to gauge the needs and behaviors of consumers through statistics.

favorite food: I’m a foodie, I love all that is tasty and healthy.

passions: online marketing, cycling, swimming, bouldering, healthy living and any outdoor adventure that doesn’t require additional life insurance.